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Meet the Team: Meet the Team



Cynthia Eliezer is the Co-owner of Hope Family Counseling. Cynthia is a Licensed Professional Counselor and board certified as a National Certified Counselor, with over ten years of experience in the Mental Health field. Cynthia earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern Connecticut State University, and her Master of Arts degree from Fairfield University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She has served clients outpatient, and in-home settings relating to anxiety, depression, psychiatric disorders, OCD, trauma, Bipolar disorder substance use, and dual diagnosis.  Cynthia has experience with individual, group, and family therapy and utilizes various treatment modalities tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, solution-focused, and motivational interviewing, to meet the client's need and achieve healing. Cynthia offers faith-based counseling at the request of clients who are interested. Cynthia's priority is to offer a warm, empathetic, trusting, and safe environment for individuals to heal.  Cynthia believes that a therapeutic relationship between the individual(s) and therapist should be organic, thus it is Your Choice- to begin the healing process and take the steps towards a healthier you, Your Time - to embark on your healing journey at your pace, and Our Hope - to achieve healing, and personal growth.

Meet the Team: Who We Are


Monica Bien-Aime, Licensed Clinical Social Worker is a Co-owner of Hope Family Counseling. Monica comes with a wide range of over ten years experience with individuals and families in diverse settings. Monica is a graduate of Fordham University with a Masters of Social Work and concentration in Marriage and Families. In addition Monica holds a Certificate of Ministry in building abilities to incorporate Christianity in her counseling practices at the client's request. A certified parent educator and school social worker, Monica enjoys supporting all aspects of the family dynamic. As a wedding officiant, Monica additionally provides premarital classes and counseling as well as wedding ceremonies for couples.

Monica holds a background in supporting individuals, groups and families with challenges including depression, anxiety, personality disorders, trauma and PTSD using treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Person Centered and Strength-Based therapeutic approaches all placing the client as a part of the collaborative work in healing. With a positive attitude, non-judgmental, open and safe environment, Monica desires to help people of all backgrounds heal and grow! It is Monica's belief that it is YOUR CHOICE to make the decision to start searching for counseling and change in your life. YOUR TIME which is so precious that you decided to set aside together to better your mental, emotional or spiritual health. Importantly it is OUR HOPE in working as a team to see you become your best self.

Meet the Team: Who We Are
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